Selling A Business

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Selling A Business

We know selling your business is an extremely important decision. Many of our clients are seeking to sell valuable businesses that have been built over years and years. Their establishment is a key part of their lives and often the culmination of decades of work and commitment. That is why Strategic Business Brokers Group always invests 100% of our energy in every client we represent.

“I respect and understand the tremendous effort, the blood, sweat and tears that my clients have put into their businesses. It is always my goal to make certain that my clients find the right buyer and get the best possible price each and every time.”

We Understand the Beauty Industry

Owning a beauty related business, such as a salon, spa, tanning parlor or parlor, is unlike owning almost any other kind of business. A beauty related business is an intensely personal one; after all, you are providing a service designed to help patients feel better about themselves and look great. Unique concerns can pop up in this industry, such as maintaining high standards, ordering the correct inventory, working with vendors and retaining key staff members. Summed up another way, there is a long list of reasons that selling a beauty business is different than selling most other businesses.

Many prospective buyers are not ready for the personalized nature of owning a beauty business and may not fully understand what is involved. It is our job to weed out buyers that, while financially qualified, will not ultimately “sign on the dotted line.” Our focus is on finding the right buyer and inking a deal. Whatever gets in the way of that happening must be addressed. That is why we only present our clients with serious offers from qualified buyers who are actually willing, and able, to buy.

Our Focus Benefits You

A key part of how SBBG serves our clients is by focusing specifically on the Phoenix and Scottsdale region. By narrowing down to buyers interested in one area, we are able to achieve a much better understanding of what opportunities exist and then match those with the optimal buyers.

Due to this intense focus on buyers interested in beauty industry businesses, we are able to quickly match the right buyer for the businesses we represent. In the end, sellers save time, energy and achieve the best sales price possible for their business.

A beauty related business is a service business, one that involves an intense level of interaction with the public. Customer service is of paramount importance in the beauty industry, and Strategic Business Brokers Group understands how important it is to find prospective buyers that clearly understand this fact. Selling a beauty business isn’t like selling any other kind of business. With our team on your side, you’ll have professional representation with you every step of the way.